The Branding
Only the Kingdom of Mangeni resisted integration into the Realms. The result was a campaign of slaughter and terror to subjugate the land; it lasted for two decades before a native Mangeni dwarf noble managed to unify the land and submitted in exchange for certain rights, notably the continuance of the Right of Strength. The name comes from the procedure of branding cattle, and is at once both facetious and irredentist.

The Four Realms were mismanaged in the years leading up to the Crownfall Wars, and eventually the kings found themselves faced with a restive population. In a brutal campaign lasting ten years, the King and all three Archdukes were forced to abdicate or were killed on the battlefield. Attempted intervention by the Empire of Vachen led to further war between it and the newly declared Republic of the Realms.

War of Independence
The Empire of Vachen’s intervention, ostensibly at the behest of the rightful heirs to the crown, lasted five years. It was notable as a struggle both internal and external, as Swynwr, Mangeni, and Tavallinen all sought independence from the central administration of the Republic in Dahlgren. This led to the Peaceable Settlement, an agreement that autonomy would be protected and the Old Right and the Right of Strength allowed to continue. The war ended with the total defeat of Vachen.

War of Rights
In time, opposition in Dahlgren and parts of Tavallinen to the Old Right and the Right of Strength grew. Increased incursions into Tavallinen and Dahlgren for “unprotected” citizens led to a war of laws between the Republic and its constituents, and ultimately Swynwr and Mangeni attempted to regain their independence, aided by a significant portion of Tavallinen. Five years of brutal war followed between the Republicans (the government of the Republic of the Realms) and the Rightists (officially the Federation of Rights, sometimes called the Federals or Federalists). Eventually, the Rightists were broken and annihilated, their ancient Rights abolished, and all the Realms brought under a centralized and bureaucratic administration. An attempted intevention by the Empire of Vachen also failed spectacularly.

The Brushfire
The defeat of Vachen’s intervention meant that the victorious government of the Republic of the Realms was able to annex the Verge, an area they had long desired. Desolate and sparsely populated, the Verge was rich in minerals and other resources but had never been developed by the Empire due to its remoteness and fierce resistence from native inhabitants. After the War of Rights, though, the resources of the Republic were turned to the region and it was flooded with soldiers, refugees and exiles from the defeated armies, and opportunists. This led to a series of small but intense conflicts, some spanning months or years; this 50-year period of violence has entered history books as “the Brushfire.”

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