Installed in 1974, the concrete viaduct replaced an older steel model and helped Arizona State Route 601 cross over a dry arroyo that was occasionally flooded in very wet weather. One of hundreds of infrastructure projects Governor Williams put in place, the viaduct was so unimportant and ignored that it was not even given a name.

It would have remained such if not for a maintenence crew dispatched to conduct a routine structural examination 18 months later. On one of the large, smooth concrete pilings beneath, the workers found a discoloration that strongly resembled a human face. They took a snapshot of the phenomenon and mailed it to the Arizona Republic, which carried it as a local color piece.

When a curiosity seeker visited the site a week later, after the article had been published, they found that the initial “face” had vanished. Instead, a similar discoloration on a different piling was present. Returning the next day, this second face was found to have been replaced by a third.

A media frenzy followed, with the “601 Faces” being intensely studied and photographed. A total of 79 different “faces” were recorded during the period, though no formal scientific inquiry was conducted. Frustrated with the traffic blockages that resulted, the county arranged for the viaduct to be demolished and replaced by a new structure.

To date, no “faces” have been observed on the new structure, and the extant “faces,” existing only as grainy photographs, continue to be discussed in occult circles to this day.

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