In time, the Dirge became aware of the need to present itself in a favorable light when dealing with outsiders.

It therefore acquired a magnificent embroidered robe, spun from the finest burial shrouds and grave goods.Gold and silver from raided tombs provided the materials to craft a pair of glittering metal gauntlets and greaves.

Finally, it created a mask to conceal its hideous “head” from the world. Adapted from the death mask of an emperor long since dust, it was fine-featured and porcelain, with sunken eyes and a neutral, regal expression. Naturally, the Dirge spoke from the various mouths scattered about its form, making the mouth purely decorative in that respect, but the mask did reduce its field of vision to two eyes.

When the Dirge was seen in its finery, that meant that it was relatively safe to approach, at least from a position of strength. Plenty died and had their corpses absorbed into its writhing flesh despite this, but only those who had at least somewhat earned that ire.

But woe to those who saw the towering form of bubbling and running necrotic flesh unveiled. For that was when the Dirge hunted, and that was when a hundred dead eyes looked out in all directions from every crevasse of its body.

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