Complicating matters are the archives on which any good investigation must rely. February 1882 is long enough ago that most of the surviving newspapers and broadsheets are long since vanished, but some do remain.

The Hopewell Tribune and the Hopewell Democrat both agree with the Detroit and Chciago papers. But the smaller Cascadia Post and the Cascadia Gazette (which would not merge into the Post-Gazette until 1911) disagree, as does the smaller Deerton Herald.

While the possibility of fraud exists, the oddity is present in both the physical back issues that have been uncovered as well as microfilmed copies. As the latter was handled by three different microfilming companies, including University Microforms out of Ann Arbor, this seems unlikely.

But the fact remains that all three newspapers contain an issue, with happenings and other mundane information, from February 30, 1882.

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