Donovan Slough
Undead (Human) Mage
25HP, 9 STR, 14 DEX, 0 CON, 19 INT, 13 WIS, 2 CHA
Revolve 1d6 (6 shots), dagger 1d4, animate dead (x5), drain (x5)

A clever bandit who was unsatisifed with his lot, Donovan Slough took up the study of necromancy from forbidden tomes captured while banditing. He used enough of his life force to die in these experiments, but promptly rose from the grave to continue them all the same. His first victims (beside himself) were his own gang, who he drained of life force and reduced to lifeless, subservient husks.

Donovan continues his crime spree to capture new victims to drain life force from and to procure the reagents he needs for his experiments. He talks animatedly to the mindless drained husks he uses as sevants, and has been known to become quite upset if one of his undead “friends” are destroyed. In addition to the ability to raise any dead and bind them as thralls, Donovan has perfected the ability to drain energy from his foes and use it to heal himself–treat as a reverse Magic Missile for this purpose.

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