Cavia malauspicium

The cavyclysm, also known as the doompig, Guineadoom, and a variety of other appellations, is a South American rodent that is closely related to the common guinea pif (Cavia porcellus) but considerably more magical.

Magic springs feeding Lake Titicaca are believed to be responsible for the cavyclysm’s divergence, but due to predation by larger animals and especially by Inca sorcerors they evolved the ability to project a “bad luck field” around themselves. As a result, things tend to fail or go horribly wrong around a cavyclysm, helping to protect them.

Though distinct from the fields of other similar creatures like the doomchilla, cavyclysms are favored as pets by wizards for the same reason: being in close enough proximity to one grants a certain immunity to its effects. They tend to be more docile than doomchillas, but the fields they project are far more unpredictable and particularly affect mechanical objects.

NOTE: It is extremely unwise to carry both doomchillas and cavyclysms! While one might think that they would complement each other, in fact the interaction of their doom and bad luck fields causes extremely unpredictable effects!

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