HYPOLUXO is the lifestyle brand from GesteCo that encapsulates all of what the modern housewife of the 1950s wants!

You know your man works hard bringing home the bacon, so why not cook him a HYPOLUXO roast on a HYPOLUXO range? Our roasts are made from 1000% imported Brazillian beef, gorged on thick grasses reclaimed from what were once worthless rainforests, and the new HYPOLUXO range is asbestos-lined inside and out to ensure total safety!

But that’s not all! Cleaning and keeping house is a full-time job, so why not employ a HYPOLUXO vacuum and broom? Scrub away your man’s stains and suck away his troubles with the new gas-powered models, which won’t run up your electric bill thanks to their use of standard and proven safe leaded gasoline. The same stuff that makes his car go!

Finally, why not unwind after all the chores are done with a HYPOLUXO television set? Using pioneering RadioActive™ technology, HYPOLUXO televisions capture the Atomic Age onscreen with gamma-ray tubes that output 400 Rads of brightness per evening!

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