AUSTRALIAN PRIME MINISTER TURNCOLM: Yes, hello. This is Prime Minister Turncolm. Am I speaking with Zombie President Brayne?

BRAYNE: I’m going to eat your brains.

TURNCOLM: I beg your pardon?

BRAYNE: I’m going to eat your brains.

TURNCOLM: Did you…did you just say that you’re going to eat my brains?

BRAYNE: No. I don’t know how you got that idea.

TURNCOLM: Perhaps when you said ‘I’m going to eat your brains’ twice in a row?

BRAYNE: I was joking. It was a joke.

TURNCOLM: I think it was in rather poor taste, Mr. Zombie President.

BRAYNE: I think you’re in poor taste. When I eat your brains.

TURNCOLM: There! You just did it again! Are you trying to set back Zombie-Australian relations, Mr. Zombie President?

BRAYNE: That was also a joke. If you can’t take a zombie joke, that’s your problem.

TURNCOLM: You’ll forgive me if I take the leader of the zombie world seriously when he says he’ll eat my brains.

BRAYNE: I don’t know where you are getting these ideas. Some fake news site, maybe. But I am committed to Zombie-Australia relations.

TURNCOLM: Well, that’s good to hear. I do have some serious issues to discuss, Mr. Zombie President.

BRAYNE: I am also committed to eating your brains.

TURNCOLM: You just did it again! Is this a game to you, Mr. Zombie President?

BRAYNE: You keep hearing alternative facts, Prime Minister.

TURNCOLM: This conversation is over.

BRAYNE: Okay. Enjoy the zombie nukes.



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