Do dreamlings exist?

If so, are they alive?

No one’s arguing that these interlopers have been on the rise over the last two decades. From the first reported dreamling to the current climate, in which two-thirds of people have seen one, it’s been a meteoric rise. But how can you quantify something from a half-remembered dream?

The only requirement for a dreamling to be classified is for the same agent to appear in two different dreams, especially when the dreamers share no frame of reference. But this leads to a proliferation of false reports; who can say for sure what is coincidence and what isn’t? The number of dreamlings conclusively established through sustained observation is far lower.

Naturally, the most pervasive and agreed-upon dreamlings are the ones that invite the most speculation. The Dark Man has appeared in hundreds of thousands of dreams, and appears to react to stimuli. It resists attempts to investigate it and seeks to remain elusive. Are these the actions of a living being, or simply a common psychological response?

The same could be said of the other 1,742 most common dreamlings.

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