Pitchfork to Plate
Misshapen corn, lightly oozing tomatoes, homemade buttercream, and preserves with the lightest hint of skin-toning botulism. These and more can be yours for a slight premium at the county’s largest farmer’s market! Show frankenfood to the flaming windmill with Pitchfork to Plate!

Bea’s Bee B&B
Bea Cummings is a local apiary enthusiast who rents out this spacious cottage to weekenders in search of a little honey and a place to lay their comb.

The Dungeonmaster’s Rocket
First issues, special issues, and mommy issues are all on display here amid the county’s best collection of collectables. Everything is for sale for the right price, from Llamaman #1 to the rare miscolored “Pink Vader” lunchbox.

Let Them Eat Crepes
Behold, a Bourbon boutique bakery bistro, booming because bread baked best brings broad business!

Disco Tech
The funkiest get-down spot in town. Established 1977, Disco Tech has been giving night classes to people in need of a rhythm infusion for years. Platform shoes available for rental on request.

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