Kidney and Spleen Pie – Chicken spleens have never been cheaper, and this perennial favorite from meat-rationing days is as popular as ever with British boomers.

Lady Jane Grey Sponge Cake – Lady Jane reigned for just 9 days and lends her name to this Victorian favorite which must be ovened for exactly 9 minutes; any less or more and it winds up goo or crisp.

Indigestion Scones – Hard vaguely sweet pastries designed to stuff up the colon to prevent death from dysentery, these are now prized after-school snacks dispensed by mothers who’d rather not clean up after their children.

Baggis Pie – Dressed up in a neat suit of pie crust, haggis finds itself respectable again. You may be smelly, haggis, but you’ll soon be in my belly.

Fish ‘n’ Squid – The classic combo in all its seafood glory. Remember to ask for an all-tentacle basket!

Frog in the Bog – A ranid treat, originally a French import but now thoroughly British. Some prefer their frogs whole, though frog sausage is more popular these days.

Horrormite – Don’t ask.

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