Betty’s Cafe
Named after Betty, the wife of Waverly founder W. Hiram Waverly, Betty’s Cafe is a cherished watering hole for Waverly University. It’s famous for its free-range llama burgers, picante guac, and of course the most meat-free veggie burger in the state: The Vegemighty.

Quackenbrush School of Fine Arts
Art teacher Augustus Quintillius Cincinnatus Quackenbrush lends his name to this school. It specializes in painting, sculpture, symphony orchestra, and interpretive dance. Alumna Mary P. Casso began her Llama Period here in 1920, and the famous sculpture “Person Considering A Catalog” was completed and donated in 1950.

Clemens College of Sciences
Marcus Clemens was a clergyman and a fierce opponent of the sciences in all their forms. Upon his death, his opponent in the great Reason-Religion Debate of 1925 donated funds to begin a science school in his name at Waverly. This act of chutzpah has blossomed into a fruitful enterprise, as the school leads the nation in investigations of slightly greasy solar atoms.

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