They say that Smooty Pete was the luckiest, most inept pirate ever to sail from Jolly Port on King’s Island.

On his first voyage, he was stopped by a British warship. On his second voyage, his ship ran onto a reef. On his third, his ship sank. On his fourth, he was stopped by a British warship, ran onto a reef, and then sank his ship.

Yet every voyage he had a willing crew. Why?

It might have been the British captain who had a heart attack and died, leaving his entire crew and cargo in Smooty Pete’s hands. The treasure-bearing hulk that formed the reef was another point in his favor. The ship that sank was on the verge of mutiny, and the loyal survivors were given a bounty for their “valor.”

But on Smooty Pete’s final voyage, his luck ran out…and his legend began.

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