“All right,” Myassa said. “You come to an open space in the dungeon. What do you choose to do next?”

“I check for traps,” said Angela. “My rogue sneaks forward. On the ceiling.”

“Okay, roll for traps, roll for sneak, and roll for ceiling.”

Angela’s dice rattled. “That’s an 18 for ceilings, a natural 20 for stealth, and…a 1 for traps.”

“Ooh, bad luck!” Myassa said. She flipped the pewter miniature representing Angela’s character, Florthiel the Furtive onto its back. “You fall off the ceiling, and onto a trap. It triggers a paralysis dart, and you fall to the ground unconscious.”


“BUT you’re so sneaky that no one sees where you land,” Myassa added. “You’re basically paralyzed and invisible.”

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