Skewer of Hogs
This rapier was used to cook pork on a spit over campfires, and was legendary for allowing meat so skewered to retain its juciness. Only works on white meat.

Light in Shining Light
This spatha glows brightly in the presence of bright light. The brighter the light, the brighter it glows. In full sunshine, looking at the blade can cause temporary or permanent blindness.

Scourge of Pinkies
Any stroke to an opponent’s limb that lands will unerringly hit, and sever, an unarmored pinkie finger. Armored fingers are often merely broken by the blow. If the opponent has no pinkies, like a yakuza, the sword behaves as if it is dull and useless.

Katana of Kumquats
This blade cuts through fruit effortlessly, but can only cut an opponent if they are behind the fruit. Its wielders took to keeping satchels of apples to throw at enemies and hope for the best.

Do you want a hole in your wall? Wallblade will cut it. Do you not want a hole in your wall? Wallblade will cut it anyway.

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