Dash’s Diner
Named for its first owner, Randy Dash, Sr., Dash’s puts the easy in greasy spoon with its menu of low-cost down-home favorites.

Purple Bakery Cafe
Renamed and repainted after a disastrous start as the Burple Bakery Bistro, the Purple is a popular watering hole for locals and tourists alike. Ask about their 1,001 recipes for smothered toast!

Curl Up and Dry Salon
A mainstay for locals looking to take their coifs to the next level, Curl Up and Dry is the home of the famous Thatch Weave, a hair extension that helped defeat Japan in the war.

Elsewhere Echo
Serving the island since 1919, the Elsewhere Echo reports on every facet of island life. Except ducks.

The Sweet Potato Grocery Store
Home of the popular I Yam What I Yam sweet potato pie, this local favorite serves an intriguing mix of small-batch artisan foods and shipped-in LlamaCo GMOs.

Between the Sheets Bookstore
Picking up where the library leaves off, everyone knows that the best place to read a book is Between the Sheets.

Fish Head Hotel
Elsewhere Island’s premiere luxury hotel, the Fish Head offers luxury accommodations to the discerning traveler. The Fish Head: pampering that’s off the scales.

The Pink Flamingo
People may walk funny coming in or going out, and it’s often more comfortable when you’re upside-down. But there’s no reason to get your feathers ruffled: the Pink Flamingo is here to provide a roof over your head for a budget price and a continental breakfast (from Antarctica).

Balls to the Walls Bowling Alley
Though the name may suggest something from the gutter, locals have this place pinned down: it’s the best place to strike up some fun and have a ball with spare change.

Mariner’s Rest
For those sailors who have rowed into the great beyond, and caskets full of bricks representing those lost at sea, Mariner’s Rest is a respectful resting place slowly sinking into Neptune’s embrace.

Museum of Maritime History
If nautical knowledge be something ye wish, drop in on our staff and listen to their pitch!

Elsewhere Elementary School
Go Vampire Squids!

Peabody Public Library
A repository of tomes from the benign to the malevolent, Peabody has all the latest romance novels as well as one of only 6 remaining copies of the Llamanomicon.

Gray Sands Medical Clinic
Just an ordinary small-town clinic. Nothing to see here. Absolutely normal, in every conceivable way, with normal doctors and normal nurses and absolutely nothing out of the ordinary.

Magicus Shopicus
Life will never be abracadaboring when you tarot it up to 11 and let fly the doves with the selection of Hogwarts-caliber arcana on sale here every day.

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