We had intended to stay at the naval station longer before the hurricane, but events conspired to force an evacuation not long after the monkeys were seeded. Returning after such a long period of time, most of us–and, if I’m being honest, even myself–thought that we’d find nothing.

Instead, the rhesus monkeys are doing exceptionally well. We’ve already counted 67, meaning that the population must have increased. We’ve also noticed increased socialization among them, with nearly every female taking a turn with multiple other young. Rather than the complex hierarchies of male and female that we normally see, the monkeys are behaving in a much simpler hierarchy with a dominant female leader we’ve begun calling “Queenie.” The males seem to be almost totally cut out of the normal social fabric other than being used as enforcers and mating, and those young we’ve been able to sex are also, interestingly, overwhelmingly female.

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