The locals in the Wilds have dozens of theories about its origin, but so far the Labyrinth of Lessos has defied classification. All attempts at mapping it have failed, leading many to surmise that its interior is continually reshaped by some magical means. The stone it is hewn from is unremarkable save for its size–nearly a square mile from the outside, seemingly infinite on the inside.

Wilds natives used it as a sort of crucible, with many being charged to spend a day and night therein before attempting to find their way out as punishment for a crime or to prove some sort of (wo)manliness. Legends persist of a treasure in the middle of the labyrinth, but the only things of value ever to come out of it have been things brought in by those who failed to come out.

The walls are ten feet high, and even those resourceful enough to bring ladders and rope have reported that climbing seems to bring them no closer to the edge. Cords are snapped as if by scissors, marks disappear, and any other means of defeating the labyrinth other than sheer dumb luck always seems to fail.

Indeed, the best and only thing it seems to offer is a respite for fugitives. Even the most hardened lawman is loathe to follow a suspect in, and with good reason–9 out of every 10 that enter never return. With even the entrance shifting on a regular basis, for that 10th person, it can make the difference between a life cut short on the gallows and one spent on the lam.

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