“You can see here the speakers and subwoofers. Armored, of course, and fine-tuned by a company out of London to produce 11 hz white noise. It’s inaudible most of the time but makes people violently ill at ease and, often, violently ill.” The manager of Special Branch pointed to fixtures set all around the ceiling in recessed enclosures. “These are strobes that flash at 11 hz in sync with the speakers.”

“What’s that do?” I said.

“It really ratchets up the sensation,” said the Special Branch man. “Hallucinations, altered states of consciousness…most people can only bear to be exposed to the ‘fun room’ for only a few moments before they lose their minds.”

“I’m…almost morbidly curious to know what it feels like,” I said.

“Oh, don’t worry about that,” said the man from Special Branch. “You’ve been strapped into the ‘fun room’ for 24 hours already.”

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