Banshee’s Scream Inn
Named after a powerful positive female role model in Irish folklore, the Banshee’s Scream is a hub of social life on the island. From its award-winning Shillelagh micro-brew to its treasured secret recipe pig-in-a-blanket, the cuisine is a local staple. The Scream also lets rooms as a bed and breakfast and serves as temporary headquarters for the Xanthophyll Festival and Mr. Autumn, its mysterious and reclusive grand marshal.

Xanthophyll Festival
Celebrating that most magical of fall leaf pigments, the Xanthophyll festival is a time-honored tradition during decorative gourd season. Come for the homemade pumpkin spice chicken gumbo, stay for the stage shows including music by acclaimed local band Cucurbita & the Pepos.

Langtree Schoolhouse
The sole school on the island, Langtree caters to all students from kindergarten to super senior. It is renowned for its emphasis on musical education, animal husbandry, ecology, and dark magic. It also serves as the local community college, and earned credits transfer to Sim State (go LLamas!).

Ladder Alley Marketplace
Named after a narrow byway that has since been widened into Mill St., the Ladder Alley Marketplace offers all the dry and wet goods the islanders could ever want. With everything from LlamaMart-brand goods brought over from the mainland to local small-batch artisan organic produce, Ladder Alley has something for everyone. Its pumpkin spice jam, pumpkin garlic bread, and gourd-filtered coffee are local staples.

Addams Beach
This secret getaway is famous for two things: its unspoilt stretch of white sand and its riptides. Sometimes called the “graveyard of the leafers” it is notorious for swallowing unwary tourists whole. Legends of a sea monster with an underground laboratory lair are unsubstantiated.

Candlewood Beach
The island’s most popular and most sheltered beach, popular with tourists and those who feel the siren song of the deep unknown. Legends of fish-men emerging from its depths are largely dismissed. Legends of fish-and-chips men selling overpriced seafood to tourists are confirmed.

Innsmouth Seafood
The bounty brought in by the local fishermen who own Innsmouth Seafood is uncommonly rich, with the best of the catch reserved for this eatery. World-famous after being featured in the “Eateries and Estuaries” issue of The Llama Review, it is also notable for having a chef that has never been seen in daylight.

Dr. Alivardo’s Potent Potions
Serving as both the island’s sole physician and its alchemist, Dr. Alivardo was a fixture for many years. After his tragic death in an invisibility potion mishap, his practice is still famous for its high standard of medical care and the potency of its potions, especially the locally famed Essence of Esprit reinvigoration potion. Lose 30 years off your life in a month or your money back!

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