Day ???

They grew here but they were born elsewhere. That was the first thing I heard with clarity after puzzling over the clear dulcet tones for many a long hour. The spheres sing of how they grew here but were born elsewhere. Needless to say, I thought that perhaps I had gotten this wrong. Language, even human language, is never an exact science. But I think that they have noticed me here, desperate for information. I feel the songs are slower, simpler, to aid in my first halting translations. Louder, as well, to cut back against the winds that tear at a man’s eardrums until he is very nearly mad. But it is a sort of stony compassion, all the same, and one that moved me to tears when first I noticed it. As to what the meaning is, if indeed that is the meaning of their song of the last period, I feel that if I sink deeper into my shelter and let the warmth wash over me, warmth growing there like a new-planted seed ready for harvest, I shall have my answer.

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