Even between the closest parallel worlds, a number of subtle differences exist in atmospheric pressure, chirality, the shape of pollen, and countless other minute factors. Your body can adjust, but it takes time and there’s often a period of relative weakness for 24-48 hours after slipping. But that’s not the real danger; it’s slipping into another parallel world before becoming fully acclimated to the one in which you find yourself.

If you attempt another slip while still acclimating, you risk what are called the parallel bends or multiversal narcosis. Travelers can become drowsy, disoriented, weakened, and impaired, with delirium and mania often occurring. This can lead to another slip, or a series of slips in short order, making the problem worse. If untreated, death invariably occurs due to cerebral hemorrhage, embolism, or even suicide. This is why it is essential to acclimate to each parallel world upon arrival, and to spend no less than 48 but ideally more than 72 hours in each new parallel world after a slip.

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