“I’d say a flightless rail, probably endemic. Very interesting plumage! I wonder how it might have evolved to better suit the Southern Rata forests here on the island.” Rahman was examining the footage with evident pleasure.

“With no predators able to scale the bluffs, I’m not surprised,” Gupta said. “Maybe you can name it after your wife since the ICUN rejected the last one.”

“Hey,” Brooks said. “Ramirez and his team. Has anyone seen them since they left?”

Negatives all around. Rahman looked at his watch. “That was almost six hours ago. Surely they’ve found what they’re looking for by now.”

“I didn’t hear any gunshots,” Gupta said quietly. “If they’d run into any trouble-”

“It’s not our job to worry about that,” Rahman said. “We’re the cover story, nothing more. Let them worry about that signal.”

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