The Pixie Patch
The Lofgrens fled to Hylewood to escape anti-fairy persecution on the mainland and established themselves in this charming eclectic antique. The bricks are fired from locally sources enchanted clay, while the timbers were imported from the enchanted isle of Evermeet. Legend has it that the large turret doubles as an escape rocket should the anti-fairy hysteria ever return.

Olive Acres
Family patriarch Augusto Alivardo built this Victorian home with his own two hands, and some additional hands borrowed from hired laborers. Designed as the potioneer’s perfect perch, it is reinforced against explosions and features an elaborate hidden laboratory amidst the family graves, albeit shielded to protect against accidental resurrection.

Blue Barn
Lydia Wolfowicz makes this charming Cape Cod house her home away from the Screaming Banshee inn. It is curiously reinforced from the inside, with numerous safeguards and reinforced woods designed to keep…something…inside. It was originally known locally as the Red Barn before its relatively recent repainting.

Fisherman’s Paradise
This Victorian cottage was built during Hylewood’s boom times but had fallen into disrepair when it was purchased by local fisherman Andersen for his new “foreign” bride. Reflecting the couples’ tastes, the pink exterior and nautically minimalist interior combine to form a unique and attractive package. Just don’t ask about the subterranean tunnel to the sea rumored to exist beneath it…

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