Riverblossom Town Hall
Previously Riverblossom Village Hall, this structure was massively upgraded and refitted after the birth of Morton Globbens put Riverblossom over the coveted 1000-person threshold.

Spring Valley Church of the River Blossoms
This sect, unique to Riverblossom Isle, follows an unusual interpretation of the word. They replace every mention of any plant in the scriptures with a river blossom, adamantly insisting that this is closest to the true text. Lily Sunday is a popular favorite, as are the Christmas Lilies available in December.

The Electric Company Art Gallery
Once a mere prosaic substation, this structure is now filled with a different kind of electricity in the form of interpretive dance and poetry slams. Providing Riverblossom with its recommended dose of Vitamin Art, the gallery is always at the bleeding edge of the avant-garde and the teetering edge of financial insolvency.

Carre Park
Named after the landscape architect’s favorite spy novelist, Carre Park is the world’s first park expressly designed for intrigue. Despite being perfectly designed for clandestine rendezvous, dead drops, and other thrilling activities, no known espionage has occurred there.

Petite Puppers Dog Park
Funded by a bequest from wealthy eccentric and animal hoarder Edna Cayness, Petite Puppers caters to pooches from all walks of life. From its fields of well-fertilized grass to its locally famous dog water, Petite Puppers is truly off the chain.

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