Library Fine Finesse
Steals 2d12 gold from anyone in line of sight that posesses a book or booklike object on their person. A DC 30 reflex save halves the theft.

Teleport Via Bookshelf (Interlibrary Loan Edition)
Caster may use a bookshelf to appear in any regionally affiliated library at will. At least 2d12 books must be present, catalogued, and shelved in both locations.

Papercut Anything
Inflicts 1 point per caster level of piercing bleeding damage on any finger or fingerlike object. Healing of any such wound takes 2d6 weeks. DC 30 Fortitude save halves damage. Usable once per week.

Advanced Word of Book Recall
Caster may summon a tome or tomelike object from anywhere–and anyone–in the world. Usable once per day. Items protected from scrying are not exempt. A held item may be prevented from summoning by a DC 30 Will save.

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