ANNOUNCER: These are real people, not actors.

SALESMAN: What would you say if I told you that the 2019 Pontiac Sundog had won over 100 industry awards?

PERSON 1: Oh, wow, that’s a lot!

PERSON 2: Incredible!

GORAJ THE DESTROYER: I have taken every award from the peoples under my thrall, but that is a good start.

SALESMAN: The Sundog seats 8, with independent climate zones for each passenger. How’s that for comfort?

PERSON 1: 8 people? That’s a lot!

PERSON 2: I could fit my whole family in there. No more arguing about the AC!

GORAJ THE DESTROYER: My armada cruisers have only a single climate for my hundreds of thralls. The cost in environmental suits and inevitable casualties is…unfortunate. This is an improvement.

SALESMAN: So, what do you think of the all-new 2019 Pontiac Sundog?

PERSON 1: I love it!

PERSON 2: I’d get one.

GORAJ THE DESTROYER: The 2019 Pontiac Sundog gets seven thumbs up from Goraj the Destroyer. He will make it his victory chariot in the great war, the endwar, which will reduce this planet to cinders and its people to servitude. Only the 2019 Pontiac Sundog will survive the coming reaping unscarred.

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