She lay there, O Dreamer, within the shadows of Atogoza-Zož’s battlements, until one of the monks happened upon her and took her inside. There, they ministered to the traveler as best they were able as her wounds healed.

You may ask what becomes of one when they are so grievously wounded in the dream-realm. Do they awake? Are they comatose, in a sleep beyond sleep? In the case of our traveler, O Dreamer, she remained asleep to the waking world, for the vageries of the passage of time across the slumbering world and into the waking one meant that what were months in one were mere hours in the other.

The monks of Atogoza-Zož were amazed that one with such injuries from the night terrors had not been destroyed. They had buried many such in the communal dreamrest nearby, for those unfortunates had fallen into eternal sleep close enough to safety that itmight have been theirs.

Our traveler, once she was well enough to speak, asked for that high travelers to distant Atogoza-Zož always ask. She asked to fall into the deeper slumber. And the monks replied as they always did: she was free to stay in the monastary as long as she wished, but until she had undertaken to remain there a year and a day, they would not allow her to slip into slumber within slumber.

In addition to allowing time to study the great library of Atogoza-Zož, O Dreamer, this period allowed for careful consideration of the risks. For while the monks cared unceasingly for those dreamers within dreams, they could not help but notice how few returned, and how many slipped away into death.

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