Long before the Murqs had sailed up the Cablefjord, in the great days of old when Cablehaven was a thriving hub of merchant shipping to the Untamed West, the Hourglass Folly had gone up. Few remembered anymore that shipping magnate Jon Havngard had been the one who financed its construction, which took 7-8 years. Fewer still remembered why he had built it.

It was for his twin daughters.

The great viewing windows underwater had been planned for the very outset to thrill the girls once they were old enough to enjoy it, and indeed from what little was written of that time, it seems that they thrilled to the sealife that frequented those waters. So much so, in fact, that the elder of the daughters by five minutes, young Sjn, had been practicing swimming in secret.

Her plan was to dive down to the Hourglass Folly’s lower glassed-in area to surprise her parents.

And surprised they were, to see her struggling amid the torpor that takes all who dive so deep in the cold waters. Though Jon Havngard himself dove in after her, young Sjn sank into the abyss of the Calbefjord before human hands could reach her. Her father was pulled unconscious from the water and lingered only a few weeks before succumbing to pnumonia. Lady Havngard and Sjn’s twin sister, Ljn, donated the folly to the city and left for Covenbard.

But the hauntings prove that the Havngards never truly left, at least to those who subscribe to the tale. They will never end, so they say, as long as young Sjn’s lifeless body, preserved by the deep cold of the lowest reaches of the Cablefjord, rests on the gnarled roots of ancient and drowned trees in the abyss.

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