“Don’t worry,” said Celeria. “Your clothes look great, no one will ever know the previous owners were murdered out from under them. And with my transmutation spell, you’ll pass for githyanki for sure.”

Bryn stared at her.

“Uh, and you’ll be fine. I’m totally casting this only with your permission. Totally.”

Miles, however, couldn’t look away. The terrible glow of whatever dread being was passing through the astral appeared to her to be a cluster of shining lights.

“Oooh, shinies!” she said. A moment later, she found herself totally blinded by said shinies. “Ow!”

“And I see you have brought a dragon priestess of your own,” said the githyanki majordomo. She smiled. “Excellent work, ladies.”

“Womp Rat” suddenly realized that she had taken him to be a lady the entire time. He stayed silent, blushing through his disguise.

The second note on the dead attacker was addressed to the party: “If you’re reading this, congratulations! You have passed the first test.”

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