Bedknobs and Broomsticks Monthly
This glossy rag is packed to the brim with tips on keeping your housekeeping and transportation enchantments humming! No modern witch should be without it. Now available digitally on your crystal ball of choice!

Home & Cauldron
The bitter rival to Bedknobs and Broomsticks Monthly, but why not have them both? With a greater focus on enchantment in the kitchen, this periodical will keep your witchy meals filling and non-fatal.

Familiar Circle
Keep up with the world of familiars, from black cats to psuedo-dragons, with this useful publication. Veterinary tips, debugging, summoning, and more are at your fingertips every month!

Enchantment Weekly
Tap into the glitzy world of high-profile celebrity witches! Every week, all the latest magical gossip is right there in your inbox. Who’s enchanted with who? Whose ex has cursed them with frogmouth boils? The answers are inside!

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