The Gallant Griffin Tavern
Named after the arms of a noble family that once ruled these lands, the Gallant Griffin is the favored local watering hole and groggery. It is famous locally for its Hippogriff Hops brew, and barrels of their signature Griffin Grog are occasionally ordered as far away as Snordwich.

The Cloister of St. Martha
St. Martha-with-the-Field-Mice was a notable early saint, and her devotion to the Watcher lives on in her namesake cloister, as does her love of small animals and a persistent colony of snakes.

Castle Llewellyn
This edifice was constructed by the now-extinct line of the Barons Llewellyn, the famed Griffin Knights. Uninhabited for decades, it is maintained by a hardworking and fastidious Steward in the hopes that it will once more be the scene of feasts, jousts, and conspicuous consumption on an impressive scale.

Redstone Manse
The line of the Barons Llewellyn is extinct, but their distant cousin Aldus Elwyn was able to stake his claim to this manor in their former domain as a reward for his service in the Gastrobury Crusade. He now hopes to see his line take lordship over Castle Llewellyn and restore the lands to glory, or at least to respectability.

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