St. Bella’s Jacoban Chapel
A Jacoban chapel has stood on this spot for centuries. The most recent building was completed in honor of the 1000th anniversary of the Jacoban sect, which saw Yacothia funding identical chapels all across the land. The cemetery attached to it has always had many grave problems.

Paladin’s Sword Barracks
These barracks were built during the worst of the Jacoban-Peteran wars to house a detachment of Jacob’s Sword paladins. Since the subsidence of that violent conflict into uneasy coexistence marked more by catty insults than by bloodshed, it has been turned over for the use of local troops. Local guards tend to call it “paladingy.”

Village Green
This green was once owned by a wealthy farmer who left it in perpetuity to his five sons, as long as they could live and work it together. Since the boys all detested each other, they immediately abandoned their claims to it. It now serves as a common ground for the village and a dire warning to all who are considering elaborate, ceremonial estate planning.

Let Them Eat Bakery
The local bakery for several generations, Let Them Eat is known both for its crusty black bread and its charitable attitude. Leftovers are frequently given out to beggars, no matter how crusty, and once a year at Breadfest the entire town is entitled to loaf around on the baker’s budget.

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