“I am appearing before you, ‘Womp Rat,’ because you have strayed into the ways of chaos and away from law,” the ghostly blue silhouette said.

“Is this because I cooked those githyanki and served them as stew?”

“We can start with that, yes.”


Thrombonius launched himself at the shade. Being insubstantial, she was no impediment to his movement, and he slid through her form, chilled to the bone before faceplanting behind her.

“I’m sorry for my companion,” said Bryn. “He’s kinda…dumb…where ghosts are concerned.

“If her memories hadn’t been scooped out like a hollowed mellon,” said Ybba, referring to the dark elf the others had dubbed ‘Suzie,’ I would kill her and eat her to avenge my dad.”

“You have been living alone with him for a long time, haven’t you?”

The woman looked like Myles in every way except that she was clad in black and was also surrounded by dead dark elves who had been crispified by her fire spells.

“She is like an evil Myles,” said Bryn. “What should we call her? Maybe Kilometers, or Kilo for short?”

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