Cajun Shrimp Popper Oreo™
This zesty cookie was corn on the bayou and is infused with red pepper essence and buttery pop rocks for an authentic zing!

Kale & Goat Cheese Oreo™
Feel like a cleanse? This all-natural* flavor is perfect whether you’re looking to regain your karmic balance or just to adjust your chi.
*NOTE: Not a low-calorie food.

Durian Blast Oreo™
Southeast Asia’s most popular flavor makes its debut stateside! Enjoy all the mouthwatering rotten-custard taste of real durian without the hassle of carving it out of its spiky carapace!

Quinoa & Lamb Oreo™
With its fresh-off-the-Andes taste and unique Flavor Chunk texture, this bite-sized beauty gives you all the delight of quinoa with none of the robbing indigenous peoples of their staple crops.

Tapioca Oreo™
It’s here, lumps and all? Are YOU ready to Get Lumpy with this season’s hottest new treat? Our most-requested** flavor ever!
**NOTE: Based on the 1973 How Hip Is Your Oreo survey.

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