The polymorphed minor devil hopped over to the adventurers, twitching its nose and ears. “I WILL BOIL YOU ALIVE IN THE URINE OF A BILLION MURDERERS ON THE FIFTH PLANE OF THE NINE HELLS,” it screamed in a squeaky voice, “AND MAKE YOUR FLAYED BONES INTO A THRONE FROM WHICH I WILL RULE OVER A MILLION DAMNED SOULS.”

“It’ll open up a portal to the Elemental Plane of Fire if you take the gem across the seal!”

“Womp Rat” looked at the gem, shrugged, and swallowed it.

“Are ye ready to go back tae the mines and hunker down like we always did, alone, as a family?” said Pops.

“Yeah, I think I’m going to leave, Dad,” Ybba said. Turning to the mine entrance she looked out. “Wow! The world outside the mines is a formless voice of eternal night? I had no idea!

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