“I’m happy to do it, really excited. Send over the paperwork, and I’ll sign it.”

Yeager hung up the phone. “That’s that then,” he said. “They’re recording in a few weeks.”

“Jim,” Patty said. “You know what the doctor said. You only have a month or two left, maybe less, if it’s metastasized to-”

“I’m well aware of that,” said Yeager. He motioned for Patty to wheel him away from the sideboard. “But just think about it. If I can record new lines, in character, even if it’s just for a video game version of the old show…” His eyes positively burned with enthusiasm. “Imagine what all the people who’ve forgotten about me would say! Working until the day he died.”

“Jim,” Patty said. “It’ll kill you. Let them hire a soundalike. Maybe Frank can do it, like he did in ’87?”

“I’m doing it,” Jim said. “Frank can have a go after I’m dead.”

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