Rather than being raised or formed in a traditional way, wire golems arise where huge quantities of barbed wire have been deployed, most often in the trenches of worlds hither and yon. The shattered souls of the unburied and the vaporized often leave shards behind, and these shards may coalesce in the crucible of combat.

The wire golem then arises, most often in the shape of a beast like a tiger or wolf but occasionally in a formless fury of rust and burrs. It then stalks the battleground relentlessly, killing to shatter souls from which it can derive further tortured fragments and prolong its existence.

It is vulnerable to anything that would destroy barbed wire aside from rust, to which it is seemingly immune aside from a very light coating. But consisting as it does of mostly empty space, it tends to be very resistant to projectile weapons and explosives. Melee weapons also tend to get snarled in its protrusions, making the most effective weapon against it shrapnel shells and grenades, which were capable of cutting many of its supporting wires at once.

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