“What do you think?” Sjn said. The Callistan modulated its voice as it spoke, coming up to a register that equaled Marie’s within a few short phonemes.

“It’s phenomenal,” said Marie, nodding. “You’ve copied me with all the warts and ugliness I’d see in a mirror, or in a twin. You’ve got your directions memorized?”

“I wouldn’t be very good at this if I didn’t,” Sjn said. “Just make sure the payment goes through. You wouldn’t like what Callistans do when they’re cheated.”

“Yes, yes, you’ll be paid in full,” said Marie. “No need to unmask our little deception in public.”

“You misunderstand,” said Sjn. “If you fail to come through as planned, I will out you as a Callistan and live your life as you are interrogated, laughing from your living room until I abscond with everything I can carry.”

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