“My band specialize in assassinations of a very particular sort,” said Eyrain Gage. “The kind that requires the sort of magicks we possess.”

“And what is that?” Watch Captain Threby said. “Is it also why you don’t have Her Majesty’s writs to allow said magicks?”

“We assassinate memories,” Eyrain continued coolly, her voice still even. “When someone needs something to be forgotten forever. We find those with the memories we seek, and blot them out. If the person is weak-willed, a fool, then a powerful charm is all that is needed. All too often, though, the person will need to be snuffed out to ensure their memory dies with them. Now ask yourself: would such a band, even if they received their orders from Her Majesty herself, carry writs?”

“I ask myself if a liar lies as boldly as you, if only that those who hear will think no one could be so willfully false, and thus believe it,” replied Threby.

“What you should be asking yourself, Watch Captain,” Eyrain purred, “is why you have allowed yourself to be drawn into a situation where an assassin sits opposite you, and why your mind is currently racing to recall if there is anything you’ve ever seen that you…shouldn’t have.”

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