It is a principle well-understood on the plains of Laïs that light is deadly. Early mornings are safe, as are twilights, and the best days of all are cloudy. But the piercing light that illuminates the prairies there, which emanates from the great and cruel star of Køs which was set there when its reality was carved from the dream by the Nameless Ones…

Sometimes, the light simply illuminates. Sometimes, it burns. Often, it kills. The effect of stepping into any given shaft of light can be as unpredictable as any sea.

So thence the Black City of Korton. The folk there signed a compact with the Nameless Ones when the great and cruel Køs was hung above them, trading immunity to its rays for total darkness. Thus, every light in the city is extinguished upon entering, and every facet of life is lived in total blackness. One can cast one’s eyes up to the sky to see the great towers of Korton silhouetted, or down to the banks of the River Kort to see them reflected as onyx. Many newcomers do.

The people of Korton, its long-term residents, have developed ways to go without sight. It is therefore a dangerous place for the sighted, who are easily set upon by gangs of toughs that operate by touch and sound rather than sight.

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