I’m Sarah Delahaye, and you’re listening to SpookyCode on the Infinite Joy podcast network.

In today’s show, I’m going to take a deep dive into the code of a game I doubt many of you have heard of, and since this is part of the 100 Hours of Giving marathon, I’ll be doing it live on my Swat.ch stream and responding to comments as I go. So please excuse any stream-of-consciousness incoherence as I veer wildly off-script and into the Land of Um and the Kingdom of Long Awkward Silences with a pit stop in the Grand Duchy of Pregnant pauses.

And with that disclaimer out of the way, I give you: the strange, mad story of the Golden Duck and the computer game it spawned in 1987, Feather of Doubt.

How strange and mad can a dusty old computer game be, you may ask. Well, our tale includes a mad genius, a hidden treasure, dastardly subterfuge, and even a possible cold-blooded murder. One of the key players in this tale is in an asylum to this day, or at least I haven’t been able to find an obituary.

So let me start with the tale of Roberta Atkins, the best-selling children’s book author from the 1908s that you’ve never heard of.

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