They call it the Infinite Chateau of Staeye, and it is situated on the very edge of the plain of Laïs, where the light is not intense enough to kill.

The latter part of its name is easy enough to parse; the chateau was for many years the home of the Staeye family when they had left the waking world behind for the dreamscape. It is not known if they built it, but they dwelt there for aeons of dreamtime and had certainly made it their own by the time their last living member succumbed to the eternal sleep of death and sailed away across the Silver Sea, the shore of which just touches the chateau.

It is called Infinite because it has rooms beyond number and beyond human reckoning.

Many enter it as it now sits, abandoned and decrepit, as a waystation before setting out for Korton, the only safe city upon Laïs. And this is not a problem, because the rooms never end. Ropes are generally kept at the entrance, and ties about those who enter. But it a rope should break, or a person should go in unwary with no rope, they will become lost forever.

Even those who do not die will face a fate worse than death: every dream for their remaining days will consist of wandering endlessly in a mansion with no beginning and no end.

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