Long ago, the dreamlands were far more malleable and unpredictable than their current state. Once, a vast and temperate plain was destroyed and turned to roiling sand in the course of a massive sandstorm that lasted nearly a year; this region became the great Dreamsand Sea, with its only real city, the City of Bronze, near its center.

It happened that a vision of the cataclysm to come had introduced itself, nightly, to each sultan of the city from the first day of their reign. Many disregarded the persistent visions, but the last few sultans took them seriously, and it was they who began girding their city with bronze, a metal long known to be all but impervious to dreamsand. Much of the city’s wealth was traded away for vast stores of metal, and artisans came from as far away as Korton to help gird every building with bronze.

The work was not quite complete when the storms began, and many buildings were annihilated by the sands as a result. It seemed to move in waves, not unlike the sea, and as each wave of sand rose up above the city, it crashed down with dreadful force. The very last wave looms over the city still, frozen in place as the storms that created the desert ended as mysteriously as they began.

As a result, the city survived, and was gifted with an eternal reminder of what it had endured, and might yet endure again. To this day, none are allowed into the city without paying a set amount of bronze as tribute.

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