The southernmost border of the Dreamsand Sea is marked by the Dead River, so called because the same cataclysm that turned the verdant plains to sand also caused its mighty waters to run salty. The water is far saltier than any other body known to the dreaming or waking world, and thus its name. No creatures live in it, and parched travelers from across the sands who succumb to the urge to drink are typically dead within a day.

At its far end, the Dead River drains into the Silver Sea by means of a great, parched delta full of treacherous quagmires and gigantic crystals of pure salt. Most travelers cross the river either at the great bridge just before the delta or wade through it at the Crystal Fords. Few venture further upriver than the Fords.

Westward, the river gradually heats up until it is visibly smoking—a caustic, smoldering brew that is high not only in salt but in sulfur and acids. The water never reaches a boil though, for all its fuming.

Follow the river even further, near its headwaters, and one will find a vast and abandoned city occupying both banks. This place, which has no name that any now living remember, is larger than the City of Bronze, Korton, and any other city one would care to name combined.

It is also incredibly dangerous. The water near the city is corrosive enough to eat through the hull of nearly any vessel, and causes horrific chemical burns to any who touch it. There is no water and no food to be had for many leagues in any direction, as the city is buried in sand on its north shore and overgrown with poisonous plant life on its south. Worse still are the angry shades of the place’s former residents, always keen to expand their numbers.

Nevertheless, many have sought this nameless and dead city on a nameless and dead river. Its mysteries are compelling, as are the persistent rumors of treasures to be found there, and it has claimed twice as many souls as have ever returned from it.

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