The Holzoff Range is impenetrable for nearly all of its massive length, with sheer cliff faces, bitter winds, and vicious wildlife along nearly its entire length. Le Aaiun, writing in her travelogue, told of one place where ascent was possible – above the dead city at the head of a dead river.

While the usual perils of the Range were present on all sides, the path leading upward was merely a gentle walk. In fact, the walk was so gentle that Le, along with the last surviving member of her expedition, did not realize that they had begun following a path that was divorced from the ground itself, an infinite upward incline stretching toward the great welcoming face of the Dreaming Moon.

Now, anyone who has ever ventured into the dreamlands knows the legend of the Dreaming Moon, upon which sits fabled Vloles. When once quarreled the shining light and insidious darkness over its beauty and immortal gifts, they could only agree that it should be forever set beyond the ken of mortal dreamers. The ancients of that dead city had, it seemed, found a way to override this—and in doing so may have sealed their own doom.

Le and her companion had gathered all their remaining supplies to try the ascent, but they soon found everything giving out. The time came to choose: continue on toward the prize, or turn back. Le’s companion chose to continue, while Le herself turned back on bitter terms.

She was the only survivor to return, half-mad and half-dead, to the ken of mortals.

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