Two deities met
In the midst of a dream
One made of laughter
The other of screams

“I wear the sun on my brow”
The lighter one said
“A worm’s all I need”
Said the god of the dead

“Let’s make a bet,”
Said the god of the light
“To see which is better,
the dark or the light”

“I agree to your terms,”
The darker god said
“And add but one more,
with a feeling of dread.”

“The contest you make
is rigged in your favor;
I want to even the odds,
make it something to savor”

He turned to his brother,
the god of the sun,
nodded agreement and said
“Add but one.”

“This is my change,”
the deathly god cried
“Let humans be judges,
by choosing a side”

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