In the time since Le Aaiun’s book was published, and Le herself disappeared, many dreamers have said that they have seen her. Sightings are most frequent in Korton, of course, since the darkness there makes it easy to mistaken anyone for a lost explorer. But some have mentioned meeting a mysterious shape, high on the bridges over the River Kor, who appears when the city sleeps and asks strange questions in between whispers of the Dreaming Moon and fabled Vloles.

Ad Dakhla himself, who completed and published the book, said that he had seen Le twice more. The first time was as a luminous vision, changed, mysterious, and wonderful compared to the woman he had once nursed in the City of Bronze. This vision merely winked before vanishing. The second time was in a cartload of statues hauled up from the Dead River by treasure hunters. Among them was a statue, worn and covered with crystalline salt, of Le herself. It was at least a thousand, possibly even ten thousand, years old.

It is said that the puzzle of these visions haunted Dakhla to his dying breath. When asked about it, in later years, he could only murmur that ‘Vloles upon the Dreaming Moon must be a powerful place indeed.”

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