Fabled Vloles is set upon the Dreaming Moon, seemingly forever beyond the ken of dreamers save those who are able to brave the terrors of the City of Aaiun and the madness of the Infinite Stair. To those that reach its shining turreted walls, life eternal awaits in both waking and dreaming.

It’s said that, in times past, the great White Road led to Vloles, which was then amongst the dreamlands. Pilgrims who desired life eternal would simply journey its length and the worthy survivors would find the gates of Vloles flung wide. Interestingly, though the tales say that many were able to make this journey, none ever are recorded to have left Vloles again.

When the Light and the Dark made their wager, perhaps Vloles was taken aside to be another of their prizes. Perhaps the Nameless, in their unknowable ways, sought to keep the great power of that place to themselves.

Or, perhaps, the White Road was simply too easy of a trial for such a bauble as life eternal. Set among the heavens now, Vloles asks far more of those who would reach it–so much so that none are known to have done so since Le Aaiun, despite the many who have attempted it.

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