Lectra walked up to the cage, her long blond hair trailing behind her. “I had thought, sir goblin, to use you in experiments,” she said in her lilting singsongy voice. “But this is, I think, a much better use of your maturity and talent for meditation.”

“What…have you done to me?”

“Why, saved you from the Swamp of Wastes, of course. A goblin hermit there is no use to anyone. But with the new form I’ve blessed you with, you may be a useful bodyguard.”


“There are worse things than goblins in the wastes, especially as I’ve been using them for my studies,” Lectra laughed. “If the resurrection of the dead were easy, everyone would be doing it.”

“But…but why a tiefling?”

“Were you expecting an aasimar? With the magicks I am commanding, some demonic taint is to be expected. But they are resilient and useful, as I hope you will be. Now, let’s get those memories suppressed…!”

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